Nursery Rhyme

You know I'm frantically writing
Quite frankly I'm dying
And no i'm not lying
Cause there's a demon in hiding
I'm in bed crying
Might be just sighing
With a rope I'm tying
And out the window I'm flying
A soul that is haunting
Is one that he's buying
Because a heart's no lion
And I'm not denying
So don't you go prying
When you see a man hanging
Just above your ceiling
Left alone a feeling
Of a soul that's shrieking
And might be just creeping
With it's blood just seeping
Not a moment worth keeping
You'll need some convincing
That Grim's out reaping
Cause the scales are tipping
And you might be slipping
And maybe I'm limping
But it's no longer worth weeping
As an angel is seeking
His garden of Eden

by Bishoy Sargius

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