AS (may 27 1989 / detroit)

The Strongest Woman

Ahh warmth, just like the warmth of a mother's arms
Holding you tight with love and compassion.

Look out the open window,
And think of the
d i s t a n c e
between you.

Sit and remember all the times that were shared together,
All of the wonderous things she taught you,
And a few thing you taught her.

As you step over the scariness of the world outside,
Mother comes to mind,
How she was the one who gave you life,
How she was the one who held you in her arms,
How she was the one who led the way when you were nervous or shy,
Mother comes to mind.

She is the strongest woman
In the entire WORLD
To you.

And even on those days,
Even on those days,
You worked something out, Always.

She is a mother.
That is her job.
Her job is mother.

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