- - - - - The Struggle Of Life - -

__Struggle of life __

In the struggle of life is
Subdued my soul,
The spirit that never didfight to live.
The dark dense cloud to thunderstorms,
The tiny glory of floral abundance to mighty
dream to touch the aiguille, and to lose the
Mind to win the sky,
Never wertthe conscious drive to fill the cluster couch that life diffracts.
The dark ethereal dream never did chase
The harmonious song of life,
Life remains always a dreamy- eyed fairy tale
That never is found to be happy with no reason behind the show off.
Slowly and silently the sun is slopping beneath the line,
All the thrill that ran through the vein inSquandering night, and languorous afternoon,
to chant in silent Oration the note of dreamful sojourn, with time isgone.
Falling with the watery mist over the horizontal
Symposium my sullen mind submerged in autumnal resilience, with time is gone.

Time's bemused rejoicing is still in the outfield where a slow stream flows amid canorouschorus of a Cogitative forest.
Rain falls to make the Earth a sainted grove,
Day and night the Sun and the Moon with Unnumbered stars with resplendent ambrosia
Sprinkle the Earth with beauteous terrace,
an utopian vestibule.
Only the mind is doomed to see theembryonic
glory behind the bloom.

by Prabir Gayen

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