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The Struggle To The Night
YS (03/09/72 / bronx, new york)

The Struggle To The Night

The darkness, no light...
the fall, creaps struggling to stand
the scream behold the fight
the dirty grass over the nails, hands
the fight and to survival
no one there but you and the dark
running away from a phantom
someone not there but only you see
the clothing full of dirt cruelty remains on you
for being who you are, not what they see
for evil tries to bring you down
at last the light stikes,
the dark becomes the light of day
finally what you struggle to survive
is gone no longer there
the fight with a phanton now to beware
a miracle, a dream no one cares.
reality persist in who you once was
a good hearted person that evil tries to distroy
a pure heart for once.
till the darness stikes again
and the strugle to survival
no longer deep in your soul coming back for you,
but dont look back as following your trace
because that dream could actually come,
to hunt for you..........

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