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The Struggles Im Facing

The struggles i'm facing
They are hard to understand
The struggles i'm facing
They make me strong
They make me weak
They make me cry
They make me speak
The struggles im facing
They Show the feelings inside of me
Trying to be the best I can be
Hiding the difficulties of life im seeing
Crying because the love im needing
Hard times
Sad times
Mad times
Ive seen them all
Ive been down that road
The struggles im facing
Im sure you know
You say you've been there
I doubt it
The struggles im facing
You've had it bad
Ive had it worse
So if you having it bad is the case
Come see me
Look me in the face
See what the real world is really like
Not all the fairytale bull
See the struggles im facing
And you think you have it bad
Try spending a day in my shoes
See what lifes really all about
No one to love you
Just someone to put you down
The struggles im facing
You will never see
See this pain inside of me
Then come back and tell me what you think

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Presents twisted emotions well.