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The Stun Gun Lunge In The Year 2041
MN (12/17/33 / Chicago, Illinois)

The Stun Gun Lunge In The Year 2041

Let me tell you the story
Of a man named, Fool.
He thought he had free speech,
and that his pen was his tool.

Better take stock, Doc,
or your in for a shock.

They dragged him into court,
but they couldn't keep him quiet.
He shouted, 'I've committed no crime! '
They charged, 'You tried to start a riot! '

They've got the gun, son,
They can stun!

The judge pounded his gavel. 'You are
charged with writing a fusillade
of ideas criticizing our great leader,
who was choosen by God!

'Try to hide, Clyde,
or you'll get fried!

The judge ordered the guard,
'Activate the device.'
'Don't stun me - I'm bound hand and foot! '
The guard pressed the button,
and Fool paid the price!

Writhing and moaning as if in some
invisible Hell, the prisoner fell.
A man in the courtroom spoke.
'Was it right to use it? Was it justified?
Look at those spasms! He might have died!

Better conform, Norm,
or it could get warm.

The judge's glared. His nostrils flared
The man retreated a few steps.
The guard stared.

Head for the ditch, Rich,
or you may do the twist.

Stay on track, Mack,
or your gonna' get zapped.

Oh, be careful, my friend,
before you take that plunge,
or you may be dancin'
The Stun Gun Lunge! '

'I feel in the hands of responsible police officers in a free society such as ours, the stun gun can be a valuable tool for getting criminals under control without the use of a gun. However it could be a frightening weapon for thought control in a dictatorship.'

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I like this. It was like a science-fiction version of Fifty Ways to Leave your Lover, but with a shockingly different point. - chuck