NE (1991- / )

The Styx

The wind surges forward in trial
Caught in a maze of your pity
Even as your lifeblood can drain faster
Than the angels sent to save you can fly
As your eyes can pierce further
To the space between all the worlds
And the space between heaven and earth
Test my patience
as id rather you know my future
Test my regret
as id rather you know my past
Test my heart
as id rather that you knew my soul
Im opening for my impurity
Dissect my impurity
Take in my impurity
Make it your own
As none before have shone
With the light of reason
On the bank of the Styx
Beside the raging river Styx
Drown sins in the smudge
Drown sins in the sins
Beside the raging river Styx

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