The Subject Is Life

The subject is life

The notion blazes hard feelings.
A catastrophe not worth human carriage.
Coming with all just to torture.
It is chaos and unfeeling of harmony.
Human nature has it all.
Calamity at large.

A Himalayan turbulence seeking immediate fix.
One day precedes the other,
Nights following suit as always
Time weather changes daily to brew a climate
Seasons come and go, one in pursuit of the other.
An errand is built in way.
Perhaps it is how Geography defines it.

Solve it simultaneously living life to the fullest,
Though the equation is head-cracking.
Expression and formulae remain in the waiting.
The general order makes up a vertex.
Nothing like improper fraction in life.
Exact answers on bail you out.
Do the math,life will calculate itself.

Deficiency defines life somehow.
Cannot manage brainslike field crops.
Good to have thoughts blossoming like flowers,
Although some feelings have a trend of galloping away like ponies.
Not all blooms produce plausible scents.
Locust control might be essential like dollars and cents.
Still, harvests may not always be bumpers
Maybe another way of describing it in Agriculture.

We talk Divinity and inspiration,
We have seen other aspire,
Worshipping to be given a desire.
Faith a way of all light.
Many have followed the trail.
Few have pointed a finger of scorn to believer.
It is how they take it religiously.

Putting life to a litmus test,
Doing just all for integrated science,
Mixing biology, the physical side of it and chemistry.
Thinking maybe life would have a face.
And everyone succeeds with that.
Fulfilling another harbour process somehow.
It is howthey treat life scientifically.

Unify all kingdoms and amalgamate them.
Form a federation to give it a meaning.
Some have tasted the above waters,
All they ever achieved was failure.
Woe to those who think of winning.
Try making every happen with a revolution.
Less faith is here now to conquer such a feeling.
Slavery and Scramblefor Africa have come and gone.
Human rights suppressed it, left, right and centre.
This generation has learn and forgotten nothing.
Pursuit of happiness urges.
But reality has denounced the excitement.
Historically we are victims of no answer.

Life is no drama, no metaphor.
Life is not an allegory
Expect not doom as much as we not to glory.
The diction as well is not that good.
Despite good definition to words,
Fate has a way of twisting outcomes.
Ironic, isn't it?
It actually comes to be,
Literature has its own taste to the definition of life.

Account stresses on trial balance.
But since when has numbers, words and money been easy to solve?
A deficit will certainly come by.
Bad debts always come on a silver platter.
Not everyone is an auditor or accountant to counter.
What happens next?

Everyone has the right to live to the fullest.
Everyone has a dream to such life.
Everyone has a Cryptic crossword to solve.
Everyone thinks differently.
Likes and believes are different.
As long as I believe in writing, giveme a chance.
I am no geographer,
I am no historian,
I am no scientist
I am no....
But mine is subject to life.

by Alison Mujati

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lovely poem, well crafted.