The Subways Of Your Mind

It's midnight here in Utah
And the world outside is still
As I sit down at my keyboard to compose -

My mind begins to wander
Down the sidewalks of New York
And I wonder if your sweet subconscious knows -

Assuming that you're sleeping,
But that never was your style -
Too many midnight poems confirm that fact -

I wonder, Mr. Ryan........................
Do you miss your poet friends -
Does your lonely laptop beg you to react?

It's really much too quiet
Ever since you went away,
And midnight now has lost its magic spell -

My poems now seem unnoticed
As the lack of comments show,
And I always knew you would critique me well -

But, I'll continue searching
For your words upon my page,
As I believe that one day I will find

That still my light is shining
In the midnights of your life
As I travel through the subways of your mind.

by Linda Ori

Comments (15)

Beautifully written piece Linda, ....expertly composed poignant poem....10++ thanks for sharing best wishes Jon.
Absolutely a great, poignant and beautiful poem which I enjoyed- of course not without pain at heart!
Your title grabbed my attention and the effort was not wasted A splendidly nostalgic poem
Nicely done, Linda. I particularly like the last stanza. Regards, Don
Great poem Linda! The title drew me in right away.
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