The Sucky Poem Dedicated To My Goth Side

don't be afraid, baby
just slip out of your skin
wander in
enjoy the air on your bones;
young as they are,
too old to feel new
what is life to do with you?
place the crown upon
your head
forget not innocence
forget not grace
not bravery, nor honor
nor valor,
just forget yourself
and your pretty little face,
all is grace
all is grace

don't be afraid
to let them in
with their little hands
and their grinning grins
they love to live
tho living's not
what you expected
from this lot.
adore them now
for they shall go
as the sun melts
the winter's snows

feel your skeleton melting in
feel the earth
reach up to meet you
feel your heartbeat
fade within you
press'd into the arms of night
forever to dwell in the shadows
of glory, long forgotten now,
my sweet;
life is better here,
this way,
it is neither go
nor stay,
here in the arms
of brother
god of sleep,
of never-ending

by valerie jaeger

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Comments (2)

Very interesting piece. I liked how you invite the read by exposing themselves and enjoying the air. Alot of imagery in this. Gary
you are a very sweet person. i don't believe that ya have a goth side, but i think ya have a unique freshness and hope your friend appreciate the kindness in your heart.