The Suffering Children

You see their little faces
Peering at you from the screen
The little children of this world
Whose plights oft go unseen

They suffer from hunger
Illnes and then death
And before help reaches them
They draw their last breath

They are dying by the millions
Long before they should
Because of war and famine
And their world which is no good

In spite of all their suffering
I know they want to live
And for that to happen
The rest of us must give

Yes, regardless of their suffering
Tribulations and the strife
These little ones are like us
And want to experience life

Not life in abject poverty
Strife or ugly disease
But life as we enjoy it
One of wealth joy and ease

With food to fill their bellies
And medicine for their ills
And love that's unconditional
Their hearts to uplift and fill

These little lives are innocent
No harm have they done
Except by fate to have been born
In a Country not well run

So it's up to us the richer
To ease their life on earth
And let them live a longer life
Not death soon after birth

So people of this world
Who have never known need
Give to the Blessed children
And experience a heartfelt deed

For when you love and
When you give, The Lord's
Reward for you, is to Bless you,
Your house; And your children too

by Walter Lane

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this is awesome 10 from here, read my poem be kind