I Desire

I want to have the extremes of your Love,
See, how silly am I, wishing for unachievable.

I don't care if you maltreat me or promise to unveil your beauty,
I just want something unbearable to test my fortitude

Let the God fearing people be dwelling in the paradise,
For, instead I want to be face to face with you.
(I don't want to go to paradise but want to observe the Divine Beauty)

O fellows, I am here for a few moments, as a gust,
Like morning star I will fade and vanish in a few moments.

I disclosed the secret in public,
I need to be punished for being so rude.

by Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Comments (5)

Curse thee, Life, I will live with thee no more! the phrases made overall idea of the suicide it a nice poem
This is one of the most beautiful poems that I have read.Although dreadly at times, its painful too, but satisfying and its like a small movie goin' on in my head. I just loved it! (awesome!)
this is a beautiful must satisfying story I have read all day.
This piece talks about how life can be unfair and cruel...how it can be frustrating and breathtaking and tiring. The poet personified life as a cruel master and herself as a slave being punished for what she knows nothing about.
Although a lengthy write it's actually not a particular favorite of mine by the poet.