I Stayed Between The Earth And Song

I stayed between the earth and song
For song
Made rise up from the earth
What we term as levitation:
And in it found I
Of all my senses the ecstasy and restoration.

O rivers that transform to leaves
Crystals of night dews that
In the first spring heat turn
After Dawn has passed to ice-like eyes
Peering and sticking on the green.

O! poetry is heat. Verse and song
Are the warmth of Spring in
The midst of the heaviest winter Storm
The tempest
Railing on the trembling woods
But verse and song will not tremble
Will not tremble with chill and frost.

In the hours before Dawn
The Earth nursed herself, licked
Her wounds that it received in day:
Verse and song heal:
It is like going down the Ganges to
The pilgrim – then
And so the Poet-Seer is pilgrim too.

On the empty shores as the night nears
Or before Dawn spreads her wings
Fairy-like to clean the frigidity
Of Night:
Before Dawn spreads her wings
On the empty shores there are
Not laden golden cargoes, fruits
Glimmering and shining, cut
From the trees of Eden-on-Earth.

Will the song of the Poet-Seer
Turn its head here and there
Like the snake hearing music:
Dancing to the fakir
Like the head of the sperm
Burning bullet-like to its destination.

And Venus, Venus, well is
Waiting to be re-born everyday
It has become with her a fashion
She will not dropp it
She will continue in it:
She will rise as from a shell in the Dawn
And from the voluptuous Oceans
It has become her fashion.

by Emmanuel George Cefai

Comments (2)

She lies back to back (not facing) her happiness, and sometimes the curtain lifts, and she is allowed a glimpse, other times it falls, and she is cut off; then a wind comes along, and lifts and shows the side seldom seen, this is a serendipitous happening, but non-the-less real and poignant; and so well painted here, as a lover come to call, more and more... there is, afterall, hope in this broken old world.
I enjoy the expession of watching someone sleep its not something you share with many, and you will forever remember those you cared for so much that even their sleep amazed you.