The Suitors Of The Fair Maiden

The moon shone in the sky at night,

Looking for her mighty knight,

Her eyes fell on the desolate hill,

Who looked handsome but stood still.

'A hill is too huge for me...' She thought.

And refused to think about him throughout.

Soon her wandering eyes fell upon the blue bodied sea,

He bluffed out, 'Come with me.'

She ignored him, saying, 'You are too far for me,

I can't stay with thee.'

As she moved slowly,

She saw clouds hovering around,

Giving out an impatient sound,

'Come with us', they said haughtily,

'We will roam around the world and live happily...'

'Oh you are too many of them, ' said the fair maiden in disdain,

'You will leave me after a day's trip, ' She said in vain.

The forest proposed to her,

But she felt he was too green for her...

Soon the sun came out laughing at her,

The fair maiden saddened, stopped the search for her lover.

To this day, the fair maiden hunts at night,

Searching for her knight...

She is searching for her prince who is perfect,

In this world filled with imperfects...

by divya pillai

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A nice read it was!