(1958 - / From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By)

The Sum Of All Knowledge

The sum of all knowledge rest's
with one's ability to retain it.
A surface that's soft bound to arrange it.
As it was not then,
as it then now is, it never changes.
Governed from above by money changers.
Driven out of one's head by legislative
law's, written to stiffen one's anger.
It is not ignorance that changes the weather
nor is it the weather that made men wise.
If loneliness is the lack of relationship with,
living each day with death all around U.S.
I need to be safe, I need home and board,
I need self-esteem with freedom to learn.
Learning from other's their lives I once lived.
No one now can learn it all, the feeling I get
is that my head has grown smaller still.
Now is the time we shouldn't remain silent at all.

by James McLain

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Great write...keep penning!
very nice I love it keep it up