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The Sun
AB (11/06/1992 / Pune)

The Sun

Poem By Aviral Bhatnagar

The day awakens with showers
Of my fresh new light
The happily dew laden flowers
Open their faces in my fiery sight

The grey sky lays out its carpet red
For my arrival into his domain
The stars flee in fear when it is said
The sun has left from beneath the main

The earth lights up in my divine grace
For it is I who gives her life
The mortals smile seeing my morning face
As if freed from their innermost strife

The icy mountains sweat in my heat
The rivers stream down their faces
As I watch from my high seat
They flow away to different places

I may leave the earth scorched in my rage
The trees droop and beg me stop
My power is something mortals cannot gauge
It increaseth as I move to the top

From the earth the water I do lift
With heat my wand unseen
The cloud conceived now does drift
Making the plains and valleys an ever green

As the cloud soaks the parched earth
in a spell of her laughter
I watch her back from a heavenly berth
Looking at the things she goes after

After she finally finishes her play
She leaves with a smile
The droplets formed thus meet with my ray
Making a colourful bow for a while

When tis time I descend from my seat divine
Darkness plagues the area left now
Here I draw my gift most benign
With light my shadow in tow

As I reach the horizon far below
I illuminate the sky a brilliant red
The sea captures my fiery glow
While I move towards her deep bed

As slumber catches on my weary eyes
For my deeds performed without a gain
Plagued with darkness Day doth die
While I, on the morrow, wilt rise again...

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