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The Sun And The Tree
SA (August 25,1989 / Texas)

The Sun And The Tree

There stood a Pine,
A tiny tree
So small, and all alone.
Who longed for nothing more than love;
A mate to call his own.

The sky looked down
Upon the ground
And saw this baby tree
She fell in love
And from above
Knew that's where she should be.

She graced the earth
with subtle rays
to sweetly say hello.
He felt her smile
And for a while
thought she's where he should go.

The tree, he grew
To meet the Sky
He stretched his arms to hug her
They knew their love was only fate;
To be with one another.

The sky would blush and blow a kiss
The tree would sway within them.
The pine had grown much bigger, now
So had the joy within him.

They danced together till the hour
Crept upon the eve
The sun was drifting in the sky
against her own belief.

'It's now my time to go, young tree, '
She whispered in the wind.
'It is the way of nature's luck,
That all things have an end.'

The pine watched as she settled west
While darkness seeped behind her
His leaves fell softly to the ground
As he reached around to find her.

The night grew cold, and naked now
The tree leaned towards the earth
The winter chills ran up his bark
as he pondered true love's birth.

There stands a Pine,
A giant tree
So tall and all alone
Who longs for nothing more than love,
A mate to call his own.

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