To Dance With A Ghost

to dance with a ghost
who has history with me
beautiful was she
sensual for me
a spirit or a memory
to music that used to be
and I want to sing along
but all my words are gone
so I try to hum along
to what was our song
she simply disappears
and the memory fades
I awaken somewhat shaken
we had magic once
we both let it go
it fell into oblivion
more I do not know

by Andy Caldwell

Comments (2)

What's with the low score here? Thoroughly enjoyed reading this one, Max. Perhaps because I am an ardent gardener? Am able to lose myself for hours in the preparation and maintenance of my 'self-therapeutic haven.' It's mid-February and eyes have already looked upon seed catalogues, and thoughts have turned to indoor seed propogation techniques. At any rate, loved the image of unearthing the Sun. A well-grounded piece, if you will? It has been my finding that many poets are also gardeners as well. Maybe it's the connection with Nature aspect? Digging it, Greg
Excellent! Max it's the truth.In the bright light you become blind, in the darkness you see more things?