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The Sun God
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The Sun God

Poem By Andrew Raines

What sun does rise at eventide?
What light shall never fall?
For Sun God's birth, such incessant mirth
Doth sunder night's funeral pall

Great Titan of Oak and Holly
Cavorting in timeless youth
Epitomizing man's mischievousness
Often brash, at times uncouth

On this day, the day of days
Eternal child reaches summery peak
Diminished night, empowered light
Ruby-red the sky to streak

What sun does fall at Autumn-tide?
What dark shall once more rise?
Sun god returns to tomb and womb
Crone goddess claims her prize

Yuletide marks cession of twilight
Reborn again shall be the child
Rekindling early the flame of summer
Growth to banish again the death of night

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