Bleeding Rain

As the rain falls and hits his hands like blood,
Shivers that feel like thorns roll up and down
My spine. Waiting... waiting for the flood...
I am worried that I look like a clown,
His hand touches my cheek and moves it towards him,
Water drips down are faces like the wax of
A candle. Stars are bright and the sky dim,
Yet the night is young, there is still love.
Winning his heart as i am loosing mine,
Tumbling through miles of thorn bushes
Trying to find the perfect time.
Loving every minute of the sweet taste,
The heart turns sweet to sour, my heart is crushed,
He moves my face towards his and are cheeks brush.

by Alice Stray

Comments (47)

Love of spring is sparking with beauty of perception of nature. Wonderful presentation is very strong as well as very soft. Sun has nice relationship with sky and sea. Both sky and sea hold reflection of sun-rays. People may walk in the street and laugh but this is true that there is love with deepness of action. Love is also power of universe. This is a stunning poem and excellently composed....10
Well, I love this poem because there is beauty in living and reading poetry as lovely as this.
The poem reflects the outpouring of emotions in a robust love affair. Everything seems emanating from its core. Thanks.
The sea laps the great rock! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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