Pet Store Sycophant Pussy Xx Original 06 19 2017

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The Pet Store Sycophant Pussy xx Original 06 19 2017

The Pet Store Sycophant Pussy

Games known as democracy are forever ones
Of white woman and two white men gathered
To form a monarchy to open neighborhood
Agriculture, industrial, and technology city
Subdivisions out near the inner-state inner loop;
and pantheon… of white assumed a basis of
Form to realize equality the privilege of two
White men to group to practice racism-civism

(Lee B. Mack, The Pet Store Sycophant Pussy, page 2 of 2)

One is the liar who creates the lie as truth;
The other is the believer assuming the constituent
Right to participate in bribery, with the fullness
Of immunities; the last is the sycophant pussy
At the Pet Store, at the front section of the mall,
Next to the NAILS SALON… If knowledge escapes
How to define to find the strike zone; do not
Throw the pitch, do not swing at bad balls, do
Not swing at strikes; keep your bat on your
Shoulder stand outside the batter's box, your
Vote is worthless and unwanted. Don't set
In high priced seats near base lines. Come on out
To the bleachers. Where we set who have had
Enough of smells from dugouts to dumpsters.
The offers are unacceptable. Thank you.

PS: Bank robbery is a false alarm, the robbery is of accounts
in your neighbor's deposit names...

by Lee Mack

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