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The Sun Is The Zero

He gives no pressure on us
No demand for prayers.
Never makes us nervous
He is the holy, virtuous.
Seasons and the life maker
Energizing as the creator.
Restlessly, day and night
Here, there making bright.
Beyond the imagination
The reason for creation.
For all in earth, air, water
He is the only one creator.
The truth, we must not hide
Nature changes in Sun's guide.
Rest unseen is unnecessary
May be after the obituary!
But we know what is then
With body, what can happen?
Decomposed body, back to soil
Recycling system, nothing spoil!
None gets back same figure
Only ingredients in nature.
Within the system of the Sun
Life recycles in cyclic turn.
Sun is round like a zero, a wheel
Life from zero to zero, as I feel.
This zero is the undeniable source
For conditions and life to enforce.

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A poem bright like a sun
The equation Sun and the cycle of life on the planets including Earth logically formulated and nicely presented. I would like to quote: Within the system of the Sun Life recycles in cyclic turn.
Seasons and the life maker! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Yes, Sun is zero and other planets are in numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9! That is why Arithmetical numbers are between 0 and 9!
Magnifying the power of zero! Chan engages upon the whole life cycle, creation, and reincarnation, the recycling of the soul through the soil, through the earth, through the great zero. Making something great of zero- a real accomplishment.
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