Step- Dad

You came into our lives and took us in as if your own,
When as children we were rejected by the person
That should have been our strength and leader,
Our father.
You were willing to now be there for us,
Care for and love us.
It takes a very special person to step into this role
Asking for nothing in return.
As we have all grown into adults with our own children
I look back at my childhood and do not for a minute
Take you for granted.
You have been there for each and every one of us
When we have needed you,
With your support, love and encouraging words
Of Truth from your heart.
You are a wonderful man.
Thank you for being my dad.

Sunday 8th December 2002


Comments (42)

A sparkling poem and a wake-up call at the same time. Sunrise is too beautiful to miss.
This poem speaks about the joy of life. Brilliantly write, well crafted, thanks for sharing this wonderful poem with us. Chandan
A wonderful poem reread. Full of light.
Positive Poem Best Wishes For Poet
A delightful little poem! ....See the light dancing on the wall...personification is at its best! Appreciated rhymes and rhythms! Loved reading this beautiful poem! Full marks (10/10)
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