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“the Sun Shines Again…“
PA Prankul Agarwal ( / )

“the Sun Shines Again…“

Its been a dreadful sight,
With its raining all last night.
There were heavy spells of showers,
Followed by huge flash of power.
There were towers that lost their pride,
And trees lying uprooted on the side.
There were home completely ravaged,
A dreadful calamity anybody ever faced.
But this has already happened,
Pains incurred seems to have lessened,

Then somebody brought an end to mourn,
That was first rays of the morn.

Sun was seen lovely, big and round
Birds flying, water flowing, all making lovely sound.
Cause was done and it upon us to fight,
Time has come to set things alright,
Soon children were seen playing,
It remind us of ancient saying:
“if humans want…
there is nothin' they can't…“

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Amazing! I have felt exactly the same way! Excellent!