The Sunken Temple Of Sarnath

The moat is dreary and disgusting as we hop from platform to platform
While trying not to let the fishmen and bats knock us off or down

It's a wonderful night for everything living inside or around the sunken temple of Sarnath
And you and I have to deal with all their pride and happiness tonight
But we brave on
Even if the water slops around our feet

We do battle with the bone dragons
While they move in a wave-like pattern
And as they hurl fireballs at us
But we make sure they reach their untimely end

The water begins to rise with us as we brave through the army of the night
The sunken temple of Sarnath seems intent on drowning us
But we're much smarter than that
And we survive
As we reach the highest point of safety
While putting down for the count and asleep the bats

by Justin Gildow

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