Thieves In Hotel California Camden

thieves in hotel California camden 08.04.18
not on no highway
this song has no brightness
CNJ was my gateway
along with heavy inhaling colitas.
up ahead in camden
old bills light is shimmering
atiq and hamed are not random
stopping for the night in H.M.P simmering.
saw you leave the doorway
no fragrance was the smell
as soon as you left no delay
heaven not a chance it could be hell.
voices down the corridor
i remember something about california
taking all your money was honor
going to buy a load of marijuana.
gone off in a mercedes
i was in before you left the courtyard
thank you captain for the freebies
no matter how you dance forgetting will be hard.
i liked the mirrors on the ceiling
and on ice the pink champagne
no prisoner as not being done for stealing
this beast will feast and drain.
thieves have a open door
even if you lock they will deceive
off the eagles this is a cheap score
i'm trapped in hotel news poetry and can never leave.

by itsmylife poetry

Comments (7)

superbly-crafted art.
Word by word, phrase by phrase, emotion by emotion, the master poet takes us deeper into his world. Extraordinary use of poetic skills in such a building toward a climax way.
Deftly constructed rhyme which advances the power of the subject rather than distracting from it. A beautiful piece of writing.
When all is told! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A great imagination put into the exact words it deserved. 10
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