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- The Sunshine Of My Life (Etheree)
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- The Sunshine Of My Life (Etheree)

Poem By Ben Gieske

to my face
your warmth I feel
sleeping in the grass
I love your satin dreams
floating in your cotton fields
promising hopes and burning fires
you are spring and seasons long where all
begins and blossoms rue through you and me


This poem was published in the last issue of SP Quill Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 22, Number 2, November of 2009

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Comments (6)

All the words gel together like sunshine seasons enveloping love with the warmth of sunshine, a poem that does not come all that easy with this excellent standard Ben ++++10+ regards
it flows like satin...
dear ben, i know exactly the feeling of this poem.great write, and i really enjoyed the warmth seeping in with closed eyes and day dreaming......sometimes i wish there was more time to stand and stare at natures unblemished beauty..this goes down as my favourite..thanks. ritty
love your satin dreams floating in your cotton fields ...................................... marvelous lines, Ben..so deserving for publication. I really admire your works, Sir.. Shalom. Meggie
I applaude the beauty and flow of this marvelous piece. It deserved to be published.10.
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