The Swan Lake Ballet

The audience was filled with excitement!
The curtain was raised
And it revealed the famous Ballerina
With a host of ballerinas at the lake.

Graceful as swans
And costumed in white,
They were a sight
Of sheer delight.

The scene was serene,
The music endearing,
And the Ballerina,
So captivating!

Raising her arms
She danced with artistic gestures,
Pirouetting and leaping up and down
On her feet...again and again.

After the finale of the dying swan,
The audience applauded enthusiastically
With encore after encore
And clamoring for more.

by Irene Therese Xavier

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Comments (2)

not to be nasty, but just a note. the dying swan isn't actually part of swan lake. it is completly seperate. not that it is important to the poem which is lovely, but i just thought you might want to know.
I loved this poem Irene, I was looking for poems with the same title as mine, but mine is called The Swan King and is also about opera. Please feel free to give me your comments.