The Swannery

As we entered the gateway,
To this enchanted land,
Through the flowers and woodlands,
And by the meandering stream,
We met a cob and his wife,
Swimming slowly along,
And with pleasure we watched,
As we passed on by,
To see opening before us,
This beautiful world,
Of stately white swans,
Stretching as far as the eye could see,
Each loving pair, a joy to behold,
Building their nests,
From the reeds left there,
By the caring Swan herd, looking after them well,
As we walked on down to the waters edge,
And found a welcome resting place,
We lingered a while, to take in the scene,
For nothing like it before, had we ever seen,
And as we wandered slowly back,
Along the path by the little stream,
We will never forget these things we have seen,
Storing away in our memory, for another time,
When we sit and dream by the fire lights glow,
These treasured memories,
We will remember again,
Of those lovely white swans,
And their nest by the shore.

by Eva Whiting

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magnificent write, ....well done