(July 30,1967 / Subic, Philippines)

The Sweet Heavy Burden

T-he sweet heavy burden
O-r duty to God is no joke;
T-ask given needs your fervor,
O-nce you fulfill your

H-eavy burden is a sweet
O-bligation to the Almighty;
N-eglect not your function,
R-egardless of the humidity.
A-s God has given you the load,
D-on't fail beneath the heaven;
O-n the nineteenth of January, carry the sweet heavy burden.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

Comments (2)

The Sweet Heavy Burden Nothing but good advise In poetic form That makes it really nice.
Duty to God imposes burdens and numerous tests in life. Yet, despite of these burdens you will be rewarded with eternal happiness in the Kingdom.of the Lord. A great piece well penned.10