JG (march 12 1950 / Denver Colorado)

The Sweet Little Butterfly I Once Knew

To a sweet little butterfly,
That I had come to know.
You came to me with sweetness
And such a warm sunny glow.

As you fluttered about my garden,
In your visits to me each day.
You found much love and beauty,
And so here you decided to stay.

With me and in my garden.
You soon found a loving home.
An atmosphere off peace and warmth,
You found no more reason to roam.

Among all the trees and flowers
You always fluttered about.
I knew you would always be there,
Each day without a doubt.

You possessed so many colors,
Such an array of many hues.
you could be gold or magenta,
And sometimes shades of blues.

Many days of such wonderful joys,
To me did you always so bring.
Your charming grace, and sweet softness,
Just so gently, made my heart sing.

Then Mother nature struck,
With tragic cruelty so bold.
Soon my bright sunny garden,
Just turned so terribly cold.

I sit here now in sorrow,
Alas! My lovely garden has died,
I worked so hard to keep it fruitful,
Only God knows how hard I've tried.

No more sweet flowers are left,
For you, in which you can feed.
Nothings now here for nourishment,
To give you the strength you need.

I wish so much little butterfly,
That you could stay another day.
But I know you must find a new home,
And you will soon be on your way.

I will forever miss you little butterfly,
And I'll think of you every day,
Remembering all the joy you brought me,
In your own lovely and special way.

So spread your wings little one,
And fly high up into the sky.
Look to your dreams and find a place,
Where your troubles and cares you can erase.

It's now so hard to say goodbye to you,
But I know now I must set you free.
If it ever is in the plan of God's will,
Perhaps you will flutter back to me.

Remember how much I loved you,
And though we must now part.
I will carry you with many prayers,
Forever In the garden of my heart.

.....Good by My Sweet Little Butterfly
.....May peace be with you.

(Dedicated to Sandra: The Sweet Little butterfly I once knew/March 24 2007)

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

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