The Sweet Past

The years pass
The heart is still in pain
Under a pile of ash
Birds seek safety
Yearning for the homeland
And you are my homeland
Memories returned
As it is because of hope
Gave the life
It became a reality
Only a drop of love
Restored a sense of the past
Only a drop of love
Capable of mixing the present
with yesterday
With predictions of the future
Thin breeze
Rose and fragrant
Some words
It is all that concerns me
The meanings of happiness
When you say good morning
It's not only good morning
It is the recital of Beethoven
Per lovers in the world
It is the heart of Romeo Juliet
And a thirst of Khani,
Of Barzani for peace
Their prayers to die
For freedom
Is tenderness in
The heart of love story
Of Mami and Zain
It's the peep of birds
On the Zab River
Love is all
Meanings are
Is the peace of God
It is the idol and creator
My heart is expected to
Ordained me over and over again
Every morning
I was waiting for morning
Every morning me and you
And sunlight
And love is still shinny

by Vian Sabri

Comments (2)

Thank you very much Edward Kofi Louis for the comment and I sincerely honer to hear your poem.
Memories returned; with the muse of the sweet past. Nice work.