The Sweet Smell Of Success

There were those that said no;
And those that said yes,
But the ones who said no won the address.
The ones who said yes felt depressed and downhearted,
They knew straight away that their scheme had been thwarted.
The ones who said no were at once vilified,
But theirs was an issue of honour and pride.
The ones who said yes had had a good run,
But their proposals were weak and soon came undone.
The no’s had succeeded with relative ease,
They’d dotted their i’s and crossed all their t’s.
The yes’s were skilful, of that there’s no doubt,
But teamwork was lacking, which threw their plans out.
The no’s had done surveys, research and broadcasts,
They yes’s relied on irrelevant forecasts.
The no’s had considered all theoretical data,
They’d drawn lots of graphs, put their thoughts down on paper.
The yes’s had argued and refused a consensus,
They felt no’s ideas were futile and senseless.
But in the boardroom, with lights turned down low,
The no’s presentation quoted Maslow.
They defended their case, and then all there agreed,
That no’s recommendations were a matter of need.
The vote was a victory for each workers right,
Their views were upheld and they’d won their long fight.
The no’s were the heroes, having fought their campaign,
The yes’s outvoted, their strategy slain.
The no’s now triumphant proclaimed with their win,
‘No more plain biscuits in that old biscuit tin! ’.
A hush soon descended, as each worker gave praise,
And looked to the future through a chocolaty haze.

by Teedy Dawn

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