JA (July 1949 / Harlem)

The Sweet Songs Of The Ancestors

I thought once how my ancestors
Sing the sweet songs, of love
The souls that march upon the clouds,
And the sound of the ancient drums,
Humble the elders that carry the cross
to carry the crown to place upon the warriors heads.
The soldiers begins to beat the drums
And the spirits rise upon the clouds,
As I sing the Nubian anthem,
The ancestors who brought me cross.

I saw the doves upon my head, within
the vision the saints stood tall through my tears,
the sweet, Calvary of the past, the warriors
who wear the strolls of heaven
The old souls breaking the chains,
those of my own life as the beating of the links,
That continues to flow through my blood.
A shadow across me Oh thy spirit that follows the sun.

Weeping, Oh God glory to thee
behind me, remembering the whispers
that God whispered in my ear.
Remembering the words whispered I the father you
son I shall give great honor sweet psalms:
And a voice said in mastery, you and I son are one.
Through the rain and the storm Death, ” I said. But, there,
the freedom bell begin to ring but life shall be ever lasting

But I give to thee God's universe
I sing the songs of the mountain, I cry out loud of the rivers
I fall upon my knees and sing Oh glory God to thee
Have I heard these words thou have sing,
The doves that walk my path;

They speak and I listening! What a joy I have known Jesus;
Look upon me my child, silence shall
Give you wisdom of the world.
Life is death and death is life.
So darkly upon my frame, I shall praise thee
I shall Neal.

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so full of preaching.