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*the Sweetest Five Letter Word*
VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

*the Sweetest Five Letter Word*

Poem By Vimal Kumar N

At a frozen night at the snowfall,

I slowly hummed your name,

the robins exclaimed what a lovely song!

At an autumn when the yellowish leaves kiss the earth while they fall,

i wrote your name on the wall,

the greatest poets shouted bravo sweetest poem!

At a spring when the sun glowed on the newly bloomed tulips,

i painted your name,

before i could finish all the ants surrounded the brush.

At a rainy day when the roses danced to the breeze,

i stand at the hill and thought of your name,

the rain wet me and my heart!

Few warm drops fell from my eyes!

For you Your name is your identity,

for me your name is my destiny,

your name is my every single thought,

your name is the air i breathe,

your name is my heartbeat,

your name is the blood that flows in,

your name is everything that i want to hear,

your name is all that i love,

your name is that keeps me still alive!

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Comments (1)

I am not the greatest poet but I will say Bravo sweetest poem you have written here. Very beautiful...