The Sweetest Thing

the sweetest thing I have ever known
is a kiss from your luscious lips
no…it is the love from your really big heart
sending shivers down my spine
I am so glad that you are in my life
I get so feeble…all so weak
when I just cannot be around my love
she makes me feel like a king
…a king…a king on his throne

she fills me up with the warmest
the kindest type of love I have known
she straddles me like a colossus
propping me up whenever the need arises
and everyday I am so thankful
to the mighty heavenly father
for sending me a remarkable queen

she is just so precious…so precious
like a rare jewel
and in my eyes she is perfection
perfection…like a dream come true
I sometimes get dazed
because I am just so amazed

I have never known such pleasure
such joy
and every single minute of the day
is spent thinking about the sweetest thing
it is just so immeasurable…so surreal
I just cannot explain it
if heaven had a height…she would be that tall
the sweetest thing I have known
is the love from your really big heart

by Mike kwambo

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Wow...its so amazing...really beautiful....very cute...i could just go on and on.