RJM (April 11,1987 / México)

The Sweetest Thing

i don't have to think
and you don't have to explain,
there is no need for words
when i know what you'll say
you've always say you love me
since the first time we met,
that you use to be so lonely,
and this was all a mistake
can i please accept you again?
you plead,
suddenly you beacome
the sweetest thing on earth

you've always say you love me
and this time is the one,
we'll make it work
if i give you another chance
you love me right? ?
promise me you won't cheat on me again,
you swear, but soon forget

so you go away again
gonna see someone else
so i sit around and wait
for you,
for you to come and beg,
but i can't stop it,
i can't change you,
nor hate you,
'coz you can be so sweet

but when you go, don't you think of me
crying out and feeling weak? ?
you come and everything's fine,
but i feel like dying when you leave
and i wonder if it's worth it

and this story goes over and over again,
leave, cheat, beg,
while i wait, and cry,
and promise me i won't take you back again,
but when you come,
i forgive and you forget
your so called mistakes,
you're gonna kill me someday,
i'm gonna die of my pain,
but i can't do it any other way,
'coz you're the sweetest thing ever,
but is it worth it? ? .........

by Roberta James Mitchell

Comments (1)

like the poem, reminds me of the break up i had in school,