The Sweetest Words

I can still here them
It was a late night
One of those nights where my eyes stayed open wide

Sleepy though sleep wouldn't come
And I knew it was one of those nights
When all my mom and dad did was fight

I would lay there and think
Every once in a while I would listen to their harsh words
I pondered of the next day and what would come

School work and friends where all I knew
Laying there with a slit grin
Excited to just get up and ready to go outside and play

My ears drifting in and out
Hearing words of hate that weren't like the rest
These new phrases seemed to hurt me

Laying there thinking I was crazy
I couldn't have heard those words
Why would my dad say something like that?

'I'm not even her real dad'
A flow of fresh questions I wanted to ask
But, words were scarce

Those thoughts are now a blur
But, what remember most about that night was a new world
A world of false words

My life now being this big lie
And everything I knew slowly starting to die
All I knew was now gone

A world of words I didn't understand
I thought to myself can I do this too?
Can I say things I don't mean and still be good?

I began to lie
They were the sweetest words
I made promises and complimented the horrid

This new found life was one of a kind
I could make people happy and not even try
That night although I lost my life I created a world that was only mine

Those words yet harsh began this girls life
The sweetest words aren't the kind that are real
The sweetest words are just the kind you want to hear

The sweetest words are lies…

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