* The Swine Flu Of Earth *

From whence come a swine flu
Still all are groping for a clue.
Oh Lofty Heavens! How come it
invades human race
Unless they too have become
swine’s own image.

The Human too
has infested the hallowed
frame of earth.
He is destroying the tree- earth’s lungs
He is polluting ocean- earth’s blood
He is hollowing mountains- earth’s bones
And excavating minerals- earth’s tissue
This swine flu of earth
is swarming, encircling and
suffocating earth’s breath.

This wretched leeches or earth influenza virus
sucks and gnaws the body of Gaia
Born to deface
God’s grace.
Is he really worth his salt
or God’s mind-boggling fault.



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Plenty of swines on this earth who are not pigs..love the gist of this poem we must pull our aims up to look after the planet+++++10... coincedence I have the flu for 2 weeks now caught it in Hongkong...maybe stir fry germs...regards
As told by Judy Meibach From: Judy Meibach (New York United States; Female; 49) To: Anjali Sinha Date Time: 6/8/2010 11: 58: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: Swine Flu I liked the title of this piece - as I realize that the swine flu affects us here in the states as it has affected you down under - your correlation of us as swine was interesting - and the choices of words that you used was great.
Well expressed poem with strong and powerful words. Hope, everyone gets this message soon. Thanks
Obviously humanes have become swine's own emage. nice poem,
very contemporary it was a very good way to wake humans and alert them about what they are doing
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