AR (9.1.1973 / BURDWAN)

The Sword

Cover your eyes,
Don't see the heinous sword,
It is fixed on the palace wall
In full view of all
To proclaim its fierce strength.
The ruthless king had died,
The sword was dearer to him than anything else,
He had relentlessly beheaded so many innocent men with this merciless devil,
Everyone is afraid to listen to those;
The sharp and dazzling edge of the sword is still thirsty for blood,
The son of the dead king is the new ruler now,
He is known to be humanitarian in every respect.
That day he ordered his minister,
"Bring down the obnoxious and infuriating sword from the wall,
Cover it entirely with the thick and black veil
And send it to the darkest hell never to return."
When the minister carried out his order,
The great king himself placed the flower vase full of beautiful flowers on the palace wall;
All clap their hands in extreme delight and pleasure
And the new regime with the wonderful king begins its journey with flying colours.


Comments (1)

Nice imagery that brings about the savagery of a king and humanity of his son and successor. Thanks.