The Tale Of A Spy

Stuffing her few belongings, she started her journey
To accomplish a mission, she marched
With the power of a tigress and a heart of stone
A hidden oasis, she was unaware
Of the games that life plays, she wasn’t sure

She reached her home, for a month or too
Until her homeland was free, from the clutch of the foe
A determined plan, she was to act upon
To bring back the smile in those arid lips
To bring back the peace that once existed

But that was the day that changed her life
She met him, the love of her life
She felt a feeling she had never felt before
She just stood and stood losing her in him
Being unaware, this was a crucial maze

His smile freed her heart of all worries
So much tranquility that she had never known
In his gaze, her power was fading
Duty calling; she heard the cry of her motherland
Perplexed, she stood there, cursing her fate

The first step of the devised plan had been worked out
But alas, he had become a victim, badly injured
Seeing him sodden with blood, her heart bled
She felt a pain powerful than the striking of knife
Guilt she felt, seeing his state

How could she betray her mother?
How could she betray her lover?
Why life was playing games with her?
What was she supposed to do?
The answer to all these instantly came to her

She rushed towards him and stood beside
He opened his eyes and slowly smiled
He could see the blood red ruby complementing her beauty
He could see those blood red eyes, veiling a secret
With cyanide in her throat, she saw him for the last time
Her smile fading, she dropped on the ground

She had not betrayed her motherland
She had not betrayed her lover
She had betrayed herself
To free herself from this unfathomable warren
She breathed her last breath
As she witnessed the dusk of her life

And at last felt an ineffable peace that she had always hoped for…..

by Kavitha Krishnamurthy

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