The Tale Of An Angel

Poem By Fallen Angel

you broke my wings-i cannot fly
my heart now shattered-my hopes were high
bloodstained feathers scattered all around
torn and bloodied i am in pieces on the ground
a shadow cast on the scarlet scene
he has come! on him i'll lean
beautiful face, looking down upon me
i asked 'who are you? who are you supposed to be? '
he was silent for a while
then he said with a smile,
'i am your guardian angel, come to heal your broken frame'
'but i am past that point all ripped and maimed,
can you help me, my love and grace? '
'of course my dear. lets start with the face
a smile of white, eyes of mirth,
cheeks of red, hair of golden earth
skin so fair, lips of an angel-just like me
frame of small, and curves of the sea
ah that should fit! '
but something is missing i can feel it
but what? what could it be? i have no clue-not a bit.
'oh my! ! ! i almost forgot! a heart of gold
for him to love, to have and to hold! '
and from those eyes of happiness and love
came streaming tears of pearls from above
'but he doesn't love me! not a bit! not at all! '
'no not him. he has always been at your beck and call
but you always knew him, he's always been here
to guard you from harm, to fight all your fears'
'is it...could it be? the one thats always been there?
My best friend? my boy? to him i've not given a thought, nor a care
it cant be him. no it cant be. never in a million years'
'he has been there, to wipe away your tears'
the beautiful girl now happy and cheerful
went to find her beloved-but became fearful
she could not find him but why oh why?
she realized the truth and began to cry
'i am not on earth. isn't that true? isn't that right? '
'yes. yes. yes.' was the chorus so bright
don't you see? do you see now?
i want you! i need you! its true! i promise! i vow!
See? even heaven is hell without you, my darling dear...

**the las line was borrowed from a caption from a caomic strip called 'Pon and Zi'-i just loved it so i used it in this poem please dont sue me**

Comments about The Tale Of An Angel

I bet you'd be a great poet. so young and yet so deep. keep it up.!
Great poem from beginning to end.

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