You say you're not usually a FLAKE
But you like bud so u can BAKE...
Doesn't like pie prefers CAKE
After a 'bowl' with ice cream u will TAKE

Out to dinner we both had STEAK
You get down like SHAKE n BAKE...
I thought the evening was GREAT
Until you made your great ESCAPE

Coming back w/ flowers to OVERTAKE
Putting my mind in quiet a STATE...
The night's events you did PARTAKE
Or were you just being FAKE?

Several hrs like an EARTHQUAKE
Getting up I had to steady my GAIT...
Watching you sleep I did a DOUBLE TAKE
Because my mind u did SEDATE

Your actions telling me u a SNAKE
Even though you did not ABATE...
Or are you a dog from a CRATE?
Something you need to set STRAIGHT

Are u trying to make my heart ACHE?
That's ok I'll eat loads of CUPCAKES...
While consuming alcohol INTAKE
Oh no, my head not feeling so GREAT

Laughing hysterically while eating CHEESECAKE
Wondering what the heck is WAPENTAKE...
Feeling ready to DICTATE
Hate wine but wanna eat some GRAPES

Asking to meet me at your PLACE
So the store at no later than EIGHT...
If you can't handle this DATE
Then lose my number you FLAKE

by Becca Garcia

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The book with silhouette s of the story was in my grandmother's house. I absolutely loved that book as a child. I remember grandpa reading it to me when I was 3 or 4. It was a special memory as he was the best story teller.
My favorite poem from childhood. I like to imagine myself as Custard the cowardly dragon until it really counts and he protest the house from the mean pirate.
My favorite poem from childhood, some 66 years ago.
Good poem I liked it a lot.
nice one..... my favourite poem....
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