Song To A Drifter

Like the wind breathes upon the leaves
Behind are left sweet memories
You live in my heart, soul and mind
In the world you own, now left behind
O Drifter, drifter why did you go?
Adrift in the wind only time could know

You, unsettled by the roads you own
So far away you have freely flown
You touch upon the waves at sea
You wander the storms of Eternity
Drifter, drifter have you found your soul?
Unanchored, your vision sets distant goals

Untamed spirit of sapphire sky
Grave are my tears for you I cry
This wide world you call your home
Born in your heart the need to roam
Free, unchained no earthly bonds need
Drifting,'re gone take heed

While I keep yearning wistfully
It's on this sad day I set you free
To catch the winds of wilder climes
To seek your soul 'till the end of time
Drifter, drifter through life you've gone by
Forever in my heart you will never die.

by Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black

Comments (7)

Ingenious! A very tasty and original version of the classic missionary in the pot tale- best I've seen!
Chuck, I would bet you thought they had some gold : At first I tried to understand, why you would bring that up, ... with the daughter of the chief, it would have been a shorter thing, ... if you said you were a thief ! I suspect they caught you coming, more than likely, just by chance, but, if you had not messed with her, ... and kept things in your pants, you would not have to try to blame poor Esther! B.V.A.
I wish I could hear this read out - it deserves to be performed. Wonderful pace and rhythm. Original, creative and distinctictly Audette! Justine
Fantabulous Chuck. Witty, clever, and choc full of imagination. Hugs Anna xxx
This is Chuckful of fantastical fun, my punning pal! ! ! ! You may have outdone yourself with this tale of Lust and Punishment! Too much fun, this, and a keeper to boot. (Only complaint: I barely helped you, so that credit is sweet but misplaced! THANKS, tho' - you're the King, all right) ! Est: ]
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