EI (April 12,1991 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

(= The Talent Show =)

(I'm afraid ;) = (
that's right, afraid
of what they'll think of me
if my voice cracks in the
middle of Verse 2
or I forget the
words in the Chorus
but it's my best friend's favorite
song (& mine too) so I'll try
my best for him back home.
so I'm singing my heart out my
legs are shaking like I saw a
spider in the bathroom
(hope my roomate from Brooklyn
doesn't see that; she'll just
laugh at me again) = 0
but now I'm at the part I
always screw up when I'm singing
alone in the dorm a capella...
yes, I nailed it
and it's over *applause*
(I can breathe now!) , , , =)
they won't stop cheering-
even when I'm backstage
talking to my Mongolian
beatboxer buddy,
thinking: it's funny
how Ordinary People
can make such a Legend out of anyone.

A tribute to all friends and enemies met at

from Eni da kid (aka 'John Legend')

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Your love of music and self-expression shine in this one, something lovely and infectious going one. Keep following your muse, he won't let you down. Uriah
AWWW I LOVE IT! ! that was beautiful. I pictured all of it. Thats my dream, RIGHT THERE. haha. mmm wonderful. the cheering! you shoulda crowd surfed ;) Gabriela