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The Talk Of Millstreet

He is not a great hurler or Gaelic footballer or famous athlete
Yet as brave a man as he is one could not wish for to meet
One who does speak his mind in his kind no deceit
Matt Murphy nowadays is the talk of Millstreet

On his online article on the removal of conifer trees in the Park of Millstreet Town
Matt to the Park Committee has thrown the gauntlet down
On so doing he has made a few friends and he has made a few foes
But this is how it is for those who speak their mind one has to suppose

Of people good at sports in the World there are plenty indeed
But of more like Matt Murphy we are badly in need
Of in this time of habitat destruction of wildlife and Climate Change
Wild born creatures under survival pressure due to dwindling living range

The World we live in does need every tree
Though this may seem a strange thing coming from one like me
For i have cut down many trees in my time
On going back the Seasons to my wasted prime

The World is ours for to live in and with all other life forms for to share
Though for our Mother Earth who feeds us too few seem to care
More trees that support wildlife are being removed every day
And that extinction is forever does seem sad to say

To those who remain true to themselves great credit is due
For it is a gift to the one who to self remains true
And though not a great hurler or Gaelic footballer or a famous athlete
Matt Murphy nowadays is the talk of Millstreet.

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