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The Taming Of Horses

Silent pools where the
waterfalls drain so sad
as they've fallen pierced
hands clasp over heart
looks of despair; distraught; anguish
falling upon princesses of wintry night
the dazzles showering fall
upon the luminescence of
a minor moon
dark gardens wild
where perils lurk unbounded
freedom meaning danger
and a stillness underneath
the yellow mountains give
way to the greens
pink flowers and we trot
yet we're free
muscles strong knit furrowed
'neath the shining black stallion
coats on for rain
for cold february winds
which whistle lonely dirges
in minor chords of meloncholy
and o so far from here
the child no longer screams
for mother's milk in breast
weaned, calmed, lines of silver
trace a woven dress of mood down
to blues and earth brown
sweet surrender landslide no more
tears spill from princess' eyes
for the taming of horses has become.

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