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The Tantric Woman (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)
SS ( / Dharan)

The Tantric Woman (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)

An eruption of scarlet flush
On her cheeks, throat
And between her breasts
Became visible.
She wore a silvery satin top.
Her breast heaved as she inhaled
And said in a throaty voice:
‘I have a vision that all
Men and women are brothers and sisters.
I am a woman with power,
And possess female energy.
I have done Zen meditation with my guru.

Lately I had tantric-sex with my partner.
I felt our energies mingling
As they rose from our groins,
Along the chakras to our heads
And back again.
Wonderful moments of bliss
And fulfilment.

Through tantra I have realised
How wonderful I am.
I feel enriched and strong,
My sexuality has grown.
I had a male admirer for erotic relationships.
Tantric-sex is reserved for my boy-friend,
Whom I regard as my spiritual partner.
Through the healing power of self-love,
I have experienced healing and sexuality.
To love means to let a man be a man
And a woman a woman.

I’ve combed and tied my hair behind.
I’m wearing loose woollen clothes
To distract the youngsters and other males
And hide my curves,
When I work as a social worker.
They all want to have
Body contact with me.
I try to look unappealing,
Though I’m in love
With my body, heart and soul.

I feel like a wise woman,
And I have visions.

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