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The Tarnished Princess
WSS ( / Iowa)

The Tarnished Princess

Poem By Wanda Swim Strunk

She walks with envy
Thinking everyone has more than she does
So she lies and steals
Manipulates situations to her advantage
She doesnt understand
That she could truly have it all
If she would just be truthful
With herself
About others
She takes pieces of other women
That she thinks is sexy
And imitates them
Burying herself
Under other women's mannerisms and jokes
Thats how a fat girl
Who doesnt have a date to the prom
Becomes prom queen
She takes a grain of truth and wraps it in a lie
Sends it around the world
On poison tongue sails
And ill wind
She sells off her integrity
And wonders why
No one stays in her life but for moments
Everything feels unreal
She is betrayed by people
Live by the gun
Die by the gun

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Comments (3)

A recklessly written, vibrant poem! Reminds me of snake shedding skin and then turning into a chameleon. Great work here.
nice work, like this poem a lot!
very well observed...i like the dangerous ending very much!