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The Tarwin Lower Shearer

He is from the home of the black pale eyed crow
Of Tarwin Lower where the dark Tarwin waters to the Pacific flow
Coastal lands that were even very old in the Dreamtime
That have inspired the artists and the writers of story and rhyme
For to sketch and draw and write rhymes and stories about
That beautiful flat countryside in coastal Gippsland South
In a shearing shed of South Queensland today
The Tarwin Lower shearer from home is far away
In his mid twenties and without the responsibility of children and wife
The Tarwin Lower shearer is enjoying the nomadic life
Stockily built standing around two meters a handsome bloke of curly hair of brown
He has made love to many nubile women in many a bush town
He has drunk in many a pub on his travels far and wide
Far from his home in Tarwin Lower in South Gippsland's coastal countryside.

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